The Africa Cocoa Village product is monitored and tracked with the growers from the plantation and all the way through to the delivery to the final buyer, most often a chocolate confectioner manufacturing the last-mile product for the consumer

Each cocoa plot is precisely geo-referenced

Improved technical itineraries implemented by growers are monitored and each agronomic intervention is documented in real time.

A network of technical agents supports Africa Cocoa Village growers through the production and marketing phases.

Stocks are monitored from the plot, to the first point of sales and onwards to the final delivery spot.

Logistics are optimized throughout the supply chain.

Product packaging specifications are standardized and monitored.

All physical transactions are recorded to secure the direct digital payment to growers, immediately after the first delivery.

The Africa Cocoa Village unique ID is encoded on each production lot allowing full tracking of its origin, its itinerary and detailed history.

Batch ID